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Turtle Wax Zipwax Wash and Wax 500ml Plus 100 Percent Free

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Product Details
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  • Manufacturer:
    Saxon Industries
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Product Features
  • Concentrated for extra cleaning performance
  • Leaves a Turtle Wax shine
  • Streak- and spot-free
  • Ideal for any waterproof surface
  • Advanced sudsing action gently and safely lifts dirt and grime
Product Description
Turtle Wax Zip Wash & Wax 500ml + 500ml Free + Turtle Wax Polish 500ml Product Details: Turtle Wax Zip Wax is a concentrated viscous green liquid that acts as a wash and wax. Its unique fast acting formula deep cleans, shines and adds Turtle Wax in one easy step to leave vehicles streak free and shining after every application Product Benefits: * Adds Turtle Wax as it washes * Streak free finish * Concentrated for extra value * Fast acting deep cleaning performance Directions for us: 1. Add one full cap of Zip Wax to an empty bucket (Or 18ml per 5 litres of fresh clean water) 2. Fill bucket with warm water 3. Wash vehicle and rinse with clean water 4. Dry with chamois

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