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Tio Nacho Chile Shampoo 14 oz with Royal Jelly Ginseng Aloe Vera Wheat Jojoba by Tio Nacho

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Product Details
Product Features
  • /br>Tio Nacho with 150 years of experience in all of its products, developed Chile Pepper Extract Shampoo with Royal Jelly which nurture and help to strengthen your hair, with cleaner tones and natural beauty.
  • Royal Jelly helps nourish and hydrate your hair giving you visibly healthy hair
  • /br>Our special formulation of Royal Jelly with Chile Pepper Extract work together to nurture your hair, removing excess oil, leaving your hair soft and manageable with an invigorating feeling
  • /br>Remove excess oil from hair to improve hair sheen and volume
  • /br>Chile Pepper Extract will refresh and revitalize your scalp for a clean invigorating feeling.
Product Description

Tio Nacho Chile Pepper Extract Shampoo is specially formulated with Royal Jelly and Chile Pepper extract to help clean, nourish your hair and to revitalize your scalp. This will help keep your hair looking beautiful and make your scalp feel clean and refreshed. Tio Nacho Chili Pepper Shampoo will
?Nourish and hydrate your hair
?Removes excess oils, leaving your hair more manageable
?Improve the sheen and softness of your hair
?Refresh and revitalize your scalp

To use: Apply generously to wet hair and massage gently onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

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