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Clippasafe Shampoo Shield

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Product Details
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    Clippasafe Ltd
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Product Features
  • Waterproof material with elasticated rim
  • Front rim protects eyes from splashes
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Easy to slip on and off tot's head
  • Protect your child's eye from the discomfort of shampoo suds
Product Description
Protect your child's eyes from the discomfort of shampoo suds Review
Made from soft neoprene rubber, the Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield will fit all head sizes and will prevent the shampoo from running down into the eyes and onto a child’s face, which can cause distress or discomfort. The shield is simply placed over the head, then pulled down to the forehead and top of the neck at the back, ensuring that as much hair as possible is above the visor and that it is a snug fit above and to the side of the eyes. The shampoo visor can be easily washed and dried ready for next time. The Clippasafe Shampoo Eye Shield is small enough to take when swimming to wash hair afterwards. The distraction of washing hair in the strange environment of a swimming pool changing room can help to break a child's habit of making a fuss during hair washing.

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