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Love Birds Soap Stamp

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Product Features
  • Stamping Area Approx 4cm
  • Love Birds Soap Stamp
  • Made From A Sturdy Clear Acrylic
Product Description
Love Birds Soap Stamp

Soap stamps make a fabulous addition to our soap making equipment.

Made from a sturdy clear acrylic

Stamping area approx 4cm

1. When the handmade soap is released from the mould, cut into the required size (if using loaf mould

2. Air the soap for two to three days until the hardness of the soap is not too firm

3. Put the handmade soap on a flat surface or on a firm table, and then place stamp in required position

4. Holding the stamp in one hand, hold the rubber hammer in the other hand and strike the soap stamp carefully until the pattern is imprinted on the soap into your required depth. (or press firmly with hand)

Do not consume. For external use only. Keep away from children and eyes.

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