Soap & Shampoo Shave Soap Kit

Urbane Men Traditional Shaving Complete Kit Gift Set- with Pre Shave Oil, Shaving Bowl, Soap, Brush, Straight Razor with Leather Case

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Urbane Men
Product Features
  • Set Contains: 1. Sandalwood Shaving Bowl & Soap 125g
  • 3. Wooden Handle - Requires Replaceable Blades.
  • Urbane Men Traditional Shaving Kit Gift Set + FREE Leather Pouch/Wash Bag
  • 2. Pure Badger Wooden Handle Shaving Brush
  • 4. Pre Shave Oil 100ml
Product Description
A complete shaving kit set by Urbane Men. All 5 items come inside a high quality leather wash bag.

All products in this Gift Set are 100% | ALCOHOL FREE | PARABEN FREE | NO ANIMAL FATS | NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

  • Sandalwood Shaving Bowl & Soap 125g - Your skin will benefit from a 100% alcohol-free formula which prevents drying, and a rich coconut oil which re-hydrates and smoothes the dermis, replenishing it after your shave with essential fatty acids and vitamins to keep it looking and feeling its best. The Urbane Men Sandalwood Shaving Soap has a beautiful sandalwood fragrance, and comes with its own Indian Rosewood bowl for easy storage.

  • Pure Badger Bristle Wooden Handle Shaving Brush - Made from real badger hair. Using a brush is the best way to create the creamiest of lathers. Helps lift and moisten the beard to avoid razor rash.

  • Straight Razor - Wooden. Urban take on a traditional razor. Uses standard safety blades (Not included) meaning no need to sharpen. Split the blade in half before inserting.

  • Pre Shave Oil 100ml - This high-quality oil blend contains the purest extracts of natural Olive and Coconut oil, which protect and nourish the skin. The oil works to soften the facial hair in order to allow a comfortable and smooth shaving experience, without any irritation. The formulation is 100% free from alcohol and has a non-greasy finish.

  • All items come inside a leather carry case.

  • Perfect for any man looking for the authentic barber shave experience.

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