Soap & Shampoo Method Hand Soap Refill

Method - Refill 354ml for Lavante Cream - Perfume Sea Minerals - Set of 2

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Product Details
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    Method 00653
Product Features
  • <b>Guarantee</b>: 24 months
  • Refill the Method pump leaving 3 cm space at the top of the dispenser. Do not use with hand soap dispensers
  • Minerals
  • More effective: Smartclean technology ensures that the cleaning agents achieve quicker and more direct contact with laundry and stains, thus washing laundry more effectively. Stains disappear, no matter where they're hiding. Biodegradable; 95 % natural ingredients; less liquid water and plastic needed per wash than with traditional detergents. More practical: no to large, heavy, ugly containers, yes to ease of use: precise dose measurement; anti-drip; easy to store and transport. Not tested on animals
  • <b>Box contents</b>: 2 spatulas
  • <b>Dimensions</b>: 16 x 24 x 8 cm
  • Packaging made of 100 % recycled and recyclable plastic
  • Biodegradable formula in accordance with OECD standard 301D
Product Description
All-natural, triclosan-free and gel hand wash works as effectively as chemical soaps and hand washes. Packaged in a squeezable pouch that has 83% less environmental impact than traditional plastic bottles. Nontoxic.

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