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Soap Making: A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide on Organic Homemade Soap Recipes for Skin Care (Make Soap 365 Days a Year and Proven Techniques that Help ... It Look Smooth, Comfortable, and Young A)

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The soaps, shampoos, and household cleaning products that you use are often loaded with chemicals...

How can you be sure that you won’t end up suffering from the harmful chemicals that these products can bring to your body? You use them every day, and what’s more horrifying is that you might be allergic to them without even knowing it. After reading this book, not only will you be able to make many different types of soaps, but you will be a lot more knowledgeable about skin care and what each ingredient does to your body.

Let’s get you started on a healthy lifestyle with the soap you make yourself! This book is perfect for beginners. You will find tons of recipes for every kind of soap imaginable. These products are healthy and easy to make and use. This is a step-by-step guide that leaves nothing unsaid about soap making. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about soap or beauty products to be able to create your own soap from this book.

I’ll teach you about the ingredients, the equipment, the methods, as well as some tips and tricks. No matter how cool looking you want your soap to be, you’ll be able to achieve your perfect soap from my lessons. Your soap won’t just be healthy to your skin, but good decorations to your house as well.

Whether you want to make money selling your own brand of homemade soap someday, use it in your household, or give it as a personalized gift, this book is just for you! It’s the most informative book you’ll ever find on the topic of soap making.

9 Things You’ll Learn from “Soap Making”

1) How soap benefits you

2) How the soap making process works

3) Types of Oils and Their Properties

4) Types of Fragrances and Their Properties

5) Soap Making Equipment

6) Soap Making Methods

7) How to Tweak your Soap

8) Melt and Pour Recipes

9) Cold Process Recipes

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