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Aerobath Bathroom Shelf Corner Shelves, Aluminum 2 Tier Shower Caddy, Shower Organizer Storage Basket for Shampoo - No Drilling, No Rust

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Excellent Material: Widen and bold high-quality solid aluminum #6063 (Applied in high-tech fields such as aviation equipment manufacturing). After anodizing and polishing treatment. It does not sharp, rust, fade and durable even though in wet conditions
  • Widely Applicable: It can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, or some places you can think of. In any case, its load-bearing capacity is so strong. We will attach the installation manual and video tutorials in the product
  • Warranty - Aerobath is committed to creating the best Corner Shelves as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. If has any question, please contacts with us, we will solve it for you within 12 hours
  • Magical Hidden Glue: Reject Drilling and ugly adhesive sticker, restore clean and flawless. Hidden glue has strong load-bearing capacity and can bear at least 100KG (220lb), but the wall surface will not be damaged when disassembled
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Walls: smooth tiles, uneven tiles, marble, glass, frosted glass, metal, solid wood walls and so on. Even uneven walls can be easily fitted. Triangle shelves in the corner for more space savings
Product Description
Drilling? Destruction of walls, high cost, dust pollution.
Suction cups? Poor bearing capacity, repeatedly dropped.
No trace glue? Poor bearing capacity, easy to aging.

A new revolution has come:

Magical no nail glue: high temperature resistance(-20°c to + 100°c.), anti-wash, 150kg bearing, 50 years of aging, odorless, environmentally friendly.

Installation Steps:

How to best install the bathroom shelf:

1. Fasten the shelves with the provided screws and nuts
2. Clean the wall surface, make sure it's dry, smooth, clean and no dust, oil and grease
3. Put the glue in strip-shaped on the back of the vertical bar about 2mm thickness, coating 6 to 8 spots
4. Press the shelf firmly for 30 seconds
5. Use auxiliary stickers to fix the shelf on the wall
6. After 48 hours, remove the sticker and start using it (please wait for 48 hours before you place something on the shelf)

If you want to dismantle it

When the nail-free glue has not been solidified, it can be cleared with turbid water, and can be removed by scraping or sanding after drying.

1. Use a hammer to put a slotted screwdriver into the gel
2. Gently open the gel and wall
3. Use a utility knife to clean the wall of the gel
4. Use a hot wet towel to clean the wall
5. The wall becomes just like new


2 x trays
2 x mounting strips
5 x Screws (spare 1) 
5 x Screw Caps (spare 1) 
1 x magical glue
1 x Prouduct manual

About Aerobath:

Aerobath is committed to creating high quality bathroom products as well as ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our design philosophy is to achieve long-lasting product utilization through innovation, technology and comfort, focusing on outstanding process design, environmental friendly and sustainable development.

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