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Aviva Chrome Finish Double Soap - Shampoo - Gel Dispenser

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Product Details
  • Color:
  • Manufacturer:
    Better Living
Product Features
  • Smooth, reliable Dispenser pumps
  • Easy and secure adhesive Installation , with silicone adhesive included
  • Individual 325ml chambers lift off the wall for easy cleaning and re-filling
  • Includes handy storage hooks for razors and accessories
  • Size W185 x H175 x D7mm
Product Description
The Aviva II Chrome is a double chamber dispenser. The wall plate has two individual chambers which clip onto it. Each chamber will hold a generous 325ml of liquid. Waterproof labels are supplied to label each chamber with contents: Shampoo, Soap etc. The dispenser is fixed to tiled walls with the Adhesive fixing kit provided (although the unit can be screw fixed if required, screws are not provided as adhesive fixing is the usual method). Always follow the simple installation instructions to ensure the dispenser is secure which it then will be. It is very simple to do * Detach dispensers - put a sticky pad in each of the 4 corners of wall plate - put glue along horizontal and vertical surfaces on back of wall plate (NOT ON TOP OF sticky pads though). Press wall plate firmly into desired position. Leave for 12 hours. Then reattach dispensers and they are ready to fill and use. One last point - please "Prime" each dispenser pump before first use, again simple instructions included. Dispensing is easy with the simple push button operation The overall size for this double dispenser is W185 x H175 X D70mm

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