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Davis Finest Reetha Aritha Soap Nut Powder - Pure Chemical SLS Free Natural Hair Loss Growth Soap Shampoo Conditioner Leaves Soft Healthy Skin Scalp - Eczema Lice Treatment (100g)

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Davis Finest
Product Features
  • SLS FREE NATURAL SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: with its natural foam from saponin contained in the soapnut fruit reetha powder is a natural sls free hair shampoo and conditioner that removes dirt leaving soft squeaky clean hair with no residue. As well as a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment for damaged, dry or oily hair, reetha is a natural dandruff treatment too and will give relief to dry, itchy, flaky scalp leaving hair and scalp clean healthy and dandruff free
  • SUITABLE: to all skin and hair types but avoid contact with eyes. VACUUM PACKED FOR FRESHNESS (which means product will be solid to the touch but soft when opened) IN RESEALABLE STANDING POUCH
  • HAIR GROWTH: reetha together with amla and shikakai are natural hair growth treatment products combined together to protect scalp from infection thereby leaving healthy scalp stimulating thick hair growth and preventing hair loss. Reetha is also a natural softener that will leave hair shiny and bouncy
  • LICE TREATMENT: soapnut contains insecticidal properties which help to treat and eliminate head lice and a useful insect repellent
  • SKINCARE: reetha is hypoallergenic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce skin infections such as eczema and reduced blackheads, acne and pimples. It contains natural moisturising properties that helps to prevent dryness making it ideal for use on sensitive skin and best of all it is paraben and chemical free, no harmful chemicals in sight
Product Description

Aritha or Reetha is also known as Soapnut because it is the fruit of the soapnut tree. The pulp of the fruit contains high levels of saponins which produces the natural foam and is therefore chemical free. Reetha is a natural paraben free and sls free soap and shampoo conditioner which will leave hair squeaky clean, healthy and thick, however it will not lather like traditional shampoos that contain sls to create the suds. Frequent use may help to eliminate dandruff.

Reetha is hypoallergenic and great to use for treatment of head lice infestation and sensitive, dry skin, itchy scalp and hair. Soapnut is a good alternative to chemical detergent.

Reetha can also be mixed in with Shikakai and Amla and use as a shampoo for hair washing and conditioning and all three combined are well known as hair growth products. Reetha can also be added to your own soap, face wash or shampoo as it is normally a key ingredient in both soaps and shampoos.

Suggestions For Use


Facial Mask - combine reetha with multani mitti, aloe vera ,neem, hibiscus, liquorice, orange peel and rose petal. (Avoid orange peel if you have very dry skin)


Shampoo - combine reetha with shikakai for an invigorating deep cleansing shampoo conditioner which can also be used as a body wash.

Hair Growth Shine Mask - combine with amla bhringraj brahmi cassia obovata hibiscus shikakai.

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