Soap & Shampoo Foaming Soap Dispenser

InterDesign Metro Foaming Liquid Soap Dispenser Pump, Made of Aluminium and Plastic, Brushed Silver Coloured, Small

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Brushed and Matte Silver
  • Manufacturer:
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Product Features
  • For best results, fill with pre-made foaming soap solution
  • The hand soap container holds 251 ml of liquid; with its large opening
  • The soap holder is made of sturdy aluminium and plastic; both materials are rustproof and durable, even in wet environments like the bathroom
  • Thanks to dimensions of 51 cm diameter x 203 cm, the soap dispenser pump will fit easily by the sink in the kitchen and bathroom
  • The foaming soap dispenser pump is environmentally friendly since it can be refilled and will always dispense the correct amount of soap to reduce wastage

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