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Best Hair Growth Shampoo Sulfate Free, Caffeine, Biotin, Argan Oil, Allantoin, Rosemary. Stimulates hair re-growth, Helps Stop Hair Loss, Grow Hair Fast, Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Waterman Corporate Enterprises Ltd
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Product Features
  • Can improve scalp health with ingredients such as allantoin and rosemary, sweet Lupin
  • Suitable for European, African, Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern hair
  • Made in the UK - Sulfate & Paraben Free, Salon Tested on all hair types
  • Stimulates Hair re-growth - Revitalize hair growth - Strengthens hair follicles - Improves scalp circulation - Increases hair density
  • Deep clean scalp care formula, Natural DHT Blockers, Regulates the hormonal balance, Supplies oxygen to follicles and nutrients required for hair development
Product Description
More than just a hair growth shampoo, made in the UK

Paraben-free, sulphate free, scientifically proven ph balanced ingredients

Invigorates hair growth
Stimulates hair growth.
Strengthens hair follicles.
Improves blood flow in the scalp.
Increases hair thickness.
Repairs scalp damage.
Promotes hormonal balance (Helps with hair loss due to pregnancy, menopause)
Stimulates the healing process, helps increase oxygen and nutrients required to improve hair growth
Also ideal for beards.
250 ml bottle, packed full of goodness with our sulphate-free shampoo

There is no other hair growth shampoo in the world with this combination of ingredients.

Can also be used to care for and restore human hair extensions, weaves, and wigs Tested by hair extension Salon

Ingredients: Grow More® formula with biotin, caffeine, argan oil, rosemary-extract, allantoin, hydrolysed lupin protein (Anageline), to have a rejuvenating effect on the hair. Also contains vitamins, chemicals, and antioxidants, such as H, B7, B3, B6, C, E, which are useful and protective to the scalp, and strengthen the hair.

Shampoo Salon Tested on European, African, Asian, Latino, and Middle Eastern Hair. Also provides amazing results for lovely mixed-race people. Also tested on beards, and the allantoin, rosemary and hydrolysed lupine protein help with skin irritation. Se photos above for info on eczema-friendliness.

Leave for 2 - 3 minutes for the formula to work into the hair and skin. )

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