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Synergy Oasis Essentials Rinse Free Shampoo Cap (Pack of 3)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Fresh and clean hair
  • Savings on resources
  • Kind to skin and hair
  • Reduced health and safety risks
  • Special rinse-free formula solves hair washing problems
Product Description

Wash hair in one simple step without bowls, shampoo, conditioner and water with the unique pre-impregnated shampoo cap. Simply warm the shampoo cap prior to use, place on head, covering all hair, massage and discard. There is no need to rinse the hair after washing with the Oasis Shampoo Cap. The cap can be warmed in the unopened pack in a microwave or the specially-designed Oasis Warmer.

The conditioning shampoo is released when the Oasis Shampoo Cap is gently massaged on the head. The used solution is then absorbed back into the cap, along with any dirt, debris or even blood, leaving hair 'towel dry' and smelling fresh.

Oasis Shampoo Cap eliminates the need for bowls of water around electrical and intensive care equipment; the risk of slipping on wet floors and the need for lifting or moving patients or equipment are all reduced. Oasis Shampoo Cap offers a practical solution that reduces laundry bills and saves valuable nursing time. This single-use item also minimizes cross-contamination risks.

The therapeutic benefits of massage, together with the gentle conditioning shampoo offer frail, ill or critical care patients a far more pleasant alternative to traditional hair washing procedures. Oasis Shampoo Cap has been dermatologically tested.

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