Soap & Shampoo Dog Shampoo Gallon

Tropiclean Oatmeal & Tea Tree Medicated Dog Shampoo, 1 Gallon

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Oatmeal Medicated
  • Manufacturer:
    PetEdge Dealer Services
  • Model:
Product Features
  • Safe for dogs and cats over 8 weeks old
  • Natural salicylic acid controls flaking, dandruff and scaling skin associated with seborrhea
  • Cleans thoroughly without harsh chemicals and rinses completely, leaving no irritating residues
  • Available in 1-gallon size
  • Shampoo contains oatmeal, tea tree oil, papaya and aloe vera to soothe dry, itching skin while leaving pets smelling fresh and clean
Product Description
Tropiclean Medicated Oatmeal Tropiclean is now America's best selling grooming shampoo. It's now sold in 23 countries worldwide. These shampoos are made from 100% natural ingredients (70% of which are organic) and not only are they gentle on pets, they are great for the environment too. Each Tropiclean bottle fully bio-degrades in a landfill within 180 days! Specially formulated with Oatmeal and Tea Tree to sooth dry, itchy skin. Natural salicylic acid eliminates flaking, dandruff and scales associated with seborrhoea. We expect this shampoo to become one of our top sellers. Also helps eliminate pet body odour. Can be diluted at 5-1 American Gallon size, ideal for salon use 100% all natural shampoo

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