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500g Soapnuts, Soap Nuts, Soap Berries, Wash Nuts, Organic, with Free Sample for a Friend. Eco Green Laundry, Washing Up, Surface Cleaner, Shiny Surfaces. Biodegradable and Truly Kind to the Sensitive Skin. In Fully Compostable Packaging.

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Product Features
  • Soapnuts are much more economical and versatile than other washing products. A machine load of washing can cost as little as 3-5p depending on the hardness of the water
  • The soapnuts are grown and prepared totally without chemicals and manufacturing processes. They are simply gathered, separated from the fruit pulp and seed and then sun dried. No other washing product is made 100% by nature. Soapnuts help to rid our households of toxic chemicals
  • Friendly to people and animals with sensitive skin and people who suffer with trouble prone skin. People with skin trouble should never use chemical products on their skin. Friendly to babies and children who should never be exposed to the toxic chemicals in conventional chemical washing products. Soapnuts are suitable for washing nappies. All washable nappies should be washed with soapnuts to maximize their absorption and prevent leaks. Conventional detergents are not suitable for washing nappies as they prevent the fabric from absorbing fluids fully
  • Soapnuts are safe for septic tanks and gray water systems. Even when the water enters the sewage system, soapnuts naturally biodegrade as they contain no synthetic chemicals, fragrances, foaming agents or other polluting toxins. The water from the washing machine can also be collected and used to water the garden - helping to deter pests.
  • Full product support given by people who use soapnuts at Natural Spa Supplies Ltd
Product Description
Soapnuts are a revolutionary laundry soap which grows on trees and replaces all chemical detergents with an eco-friendly solution! We use them in the Washing Machine, Dish Washer and soak them in cold water to create Washing Up Liquid and Surface Cleaner, especiay for glass and shiny surfaces. We use them with rubber gloves as they do not dry and irritate the skin. Freedom! While, nothing more than a dried fruit case, they leave the clothes clean, soft and fragrant free. Soapnuts save us from polluting the water with synthetic chemicals, from irritating our skin and using them saves a lot of money too. The soapnut fruit comes from the sapindus mukorossi tree which grows naturally in the forest and hill track areas in the Himalayas. The soap nuts, soapnuts, soap berries, wash nuts or soap pods as they are also know are idea for washing clothes by machine or by hand, turning into washing up liquid, use in the dishwasher and a general cleaning fluid, even for glass. Only the natural ripened windfall fruits are collected using traditional gathering techniques and then the seed and fruit pulp is removed by women. It is the fruit case which contains natural saponins or plant soap. The fruit cases are then sun dried. These soapnuts are still dark and quite sticky - very high in natural soap. Water dissolves the plant saponins which are in very high concentrations in the fruit. They are a natural surfactant which reduce surface tension of water, making water 'wetter' and allowing it to penetrate the clothing fibers lifting dirt, grime and oil from the clothes. The surfactants then hold onto the dirt, keeping it in suspension in the water until it is drained away. During the rinse cycle, normally with cold water, no more soap is released, meaning that when the clothes are dry, they are completely fragrance free and soft.

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