Soap & Shampoo Foaming Soap Dispenser

InterDesign Duo Foam Hand Soap Dispenser, Made of Plastic, Clear/Silver

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Brushed Nickel
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Product Features
  • The foam pump dispenser is made of plastic; through the clear material you always get to see the contents and know exactly when the bottle needs to be refilled
  • With a size of 7.6 cm diameter x 19.1 cm, the foam pump bottle holds up to 396 ml of liquid soap, which ensures several uses before needing to be refilled
  • For foam soap, fill the design foaming soap pump with five parts water and one part liquid soap; the soap dispensing pump produces a soft foam
  • The foaming hand soap is refillable, meaning less waste and more money saved; filling the bottle is done quickly, thanks to its large opening
  • The pump head of this hand wash dispenser allows precise dosing of liquid soap; this creates efficiency by allowing you to use the correct amount of soap each time

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