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Mobile Salon: Convert Any Bed, Kitchen Sink, or Bathroom into a Home Hair Washing Station. Perfect Inflatable Salon Basin for Coloring, Cutting, and Shampoo Washing in Any Home or Care Facility

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    Chrome Cherry Limited
Product Features
  • Convert Any Bed or Sink Into a Hair Washing, Cutting, or Coloring Station: Mobile Salon is the versatile hair wash and shampooing basin on the market, with the ability to be used in any chair or bed - just use a bucket or sink to catch the water
  • Blows Up in Just Two Easy Breaths and Packs Up in Seconds: In just a few breaths, Mobile Salon is totally inflated and can be used anywhere. When you're done, it wipes clean and deflates back into the handy and durable carrying case
  • Channels ALL WATER Down the Drain: Mobile Salon's design channels water, soap, hair dye, and any other liquids down the drain, not all over your counter or bed. Contain the mess better than any other washing basin
  • Comfort Pillow for the Best Fit and No Mess on Any Neck: Young or old, big or small, the comfort pillow provides an easy fit that does not compromise on function - all water goes down the drain, not on your neck!
  • Great for Cutting Short Hair: Place a plastic bag on the back of Mobile Salon and reduce the mess of hair cutting! Best used with short hair, Mobile Salon will grab most hair clippings when worn during a haircut in a chair. No more nasty sweeping!
Product Description
Turn any sink or bed into a salon-style hair washing and cutting station! Mobile Salon allows for all types of uses in the home and when traveling to wash, cut, or color any type of hair.

Easy to carry and ready to use, Mobile Salon inflates in just two breaths and wipes clean in seconds. It's perfect for anyone who needs an efficient way to get salon style hair without making a mess of your surroundings - just inflate to wash, cut, and color with ease!

Mobile Salon provides the perfect experience for home hair care - no more mess in the sink, hair clippings all over the floor, or hair coloring staining your kitchen or bathroom. It makes the stressful mess a thing of the past with its patented WaterFlow design that channels water straight down the drain - not all over your counter or sink. When you're done, just wipe Mobile Salon clean and place it back in the handy carrying case.

Especially perfect for people who need to hair their hair washed or treated in bed, Mobile Salon will channel water into a bucket or container right from bed to reduce the mess in a hospital, rehabilitation facility, care center, or home. No more leaking pipes or uncomfortable designs - Mobile Salon keeps the mess controlled in beds better than anyone else!

Built for maximum comfort, Mobile Salon also provides the best mobile hair washing experience out there with its one of a kind neck support comfort cushion that fits any user perfectly. It is also the perfect solution for controlling the mess of haircuts when you're getting a cut at home. Just slide a bag on the back and watch as Mobile Salon clean as you cut by collecting the clippings and making clean up as easy as throwing away the plastic bag!

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