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Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Itch Relief Pet Shampoo, 472 ml

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Product Features
  • Will not wash off flea applications, safe for animals over 6 weeks, soap free
  • Will leave your pet's coat clean, deodorised with a vanilla and oatmeal fragrance and leave your pet's coat and skin soft and plush
  • This shampoo is completely natural, soap free and ph balanced
  • Oatmeal and aloe are recommended by veterinarians to effectively combat skin irritation, promote healing and re-moisturise sensitive, dry skin
  • This shampoo is specially formulated with oatmeal and aloe vera to address the needs of dry itchy skin
Product Description
Unlike most other dog shampoo's, this product contains no nasty chemicals like parabens, phosphates, pthalates, DEA, synthetic dyes or perfumes. This specially formulated Oatmeal & Aloe Vera itch relief shampoo addresses the needs of dogs with dry or itchy skin. Oatmeal and Aloe are a great combination to effectively combat skin irritation, promote healing and re-moisturising of dry and sensitive skin. This luxurious shampoo is 100% natural, soap free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize, leaving your dogs coat and skin brilliantly clean, soft and smelling better than ever before. Will not wash off flea applications and safe for all animals over 6 weeks old.

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