Soap & Shampoo Shaving Soap Kit

Anbbas Shaving Set, 3in1 Barber Shaving Brush Boar Bristle Hair Wood Handle with Shaving Mug 2 Layers Stainless Steel and Goat Milk Shaving Soap 100g Shave Kit for Men

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Product Features
  • Abundant Lather: coarse hairs perfect for lathering soaps, also works well with all foams, creams, give your face the luxury it deserves
  • Note: please use warm water and immerse it for 30 seconds before use; and let it dry naturally on the shaving stand to ensure longevity
  • Fit for: specialist about shaving suggest who have coarser beard could have a try to use bristle shaving brush, and hot compress face before shaving
  • Boar Bristle Hair: stiff feeling, could help remove dirt, dead skin and reduce blemishes, and softens and lifts beard hair for closer longer lasting shave
  • Brush: wood handle, 10.5cm/4.13inch height; Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl(D*H): 7.3*5cm/2.87*1.97inch; Shaving Soap: goat milk from New Zealand, 100g
Product Description
Simple, fast, fashion shaving, make your life exquisite from face!

Package Includes:
1 x Shaving Brush
1 x Shaving Bowl
1 x Shaving Soap
1 x Package Box

How to shave:

1. Wetting: clean your razor, hands and face(especially the part of beard), could spread in your face 3 minutes with the hot wet towel
2. Shaving Foam: use shaving brush circling painting much foam of shaving soap/cream on your beard, the foam could soften the beard hair, and protect your skin
3. Shaving: firstly, shaving your beard according to the texture, then reverse direction, from sparse to dense part, so that the dense part would soften more longer

Instructions for use:

1. Wash the brush well with warm water after use.
2. Never keep the brush wet for long.
3. Do not use strong disinfectants or detergents - water is sufficient.

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