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simplehuman Moisturising 1 Litre "Cucumber" Liquid Hand Soap Refill Pouch

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Product Features
  • sulfate free formula making it gentle on your hands
  • resealable screw top
  • Produced to be the perfect consistency for sensor pumps - no clogs or drips. Dispenses the correct amount quickly and consistently
  • scent cucumber, crisp fresh cucumber peel and fruity floral undertones
  • kinder to the enviroment our refill pouch means no throwing away of disposable plastic pumps over and over again, a smarter way to buy soap
Product Description
simplehuman liquid soap has a new formula and is now biodegradable, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens or DEAs and it's sulfate-free to be even gentler on your skin. The 1 litre resealable pouch makes it easy to top up your soap pumps and then store until required againsimplehuman soap is available in a choice of scents to suit your home, there is even a fragrance free option for those with sensitive skin.

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