Soap & Shampoo Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser, Lanktoo Wall Mounted Foaming Soap Dispenser Touchless for Bathroom & Kitchen, 500ML Capacity, Adjustable Foam Control, Wall Mounted/On Countertop.

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Product Details
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    Foam Soap Dispenser
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Product Features
  • AUTOMATIC SOAP DISPENSER TOUCHLESS - Designed with smart motion infrared sensor, hands free, easy to operate, more health and more safe! Moreover, it makes washing hands a more interesting thing for kids!
  • SPACE-SAVING - Enjoy hands free soap in office,kitchen,restroom,bathroom or counter. Supports wall mounted or just put it on countertop. You can mount it on the wall with supplied 2 screws or double-faced adhesive tape. Space saving!
  • ADJUSTABLE VOLUME - Two levels to choose: 0.6ml/1.2ml each time. Just press the power button on the top to switch to whatever mode you would like. 16 ounce reservoir lasts up to 830 hand washes. Long lasting time!
  • PERFECT EXPERIENCE - Perfect for Christmas gift. Thanks to its clear body you will always know the exact amount of liquid remaining and refill only when it is needed.1 Year worry-free warranty; friendly and easy to reach customer service.
  • WORKS WITH ANY SOAP - Work with whichever your favorite liquid soap or hand sanitiser. Dilute your favorite liquid soap with water and turn it into Luxurious foam, you can save more than 50% soap with our device. Money saving!
Product Description

Tired of cheap, glass dispenser bottles that get damaged after the first drop?
Tired of traditional dispenser which needs to push out or pour out the liquid soap or hand sanitiser?
Want a modern stylish automatic soap dispenser in your bathroom, kitchen, and office?
Do your kids hate to wash hands? Do you want to encourage him/her to form a habit of washing hands?
Then this Lantoo automatic soap dispenser is the one you need!

Material: ABS Plastic
Reservoir: Food Grade PET Plastic
Capacity: 500ml/16oz
Input Power: 4 AA batteries (not included)
Foam Soap Volumn: 0.6ml/1.2ml

How to set up:
1. Lift off the top portion that holds the reservoir
2. Take off back cover and install 4 AA batteries (Not include)
3. Fill reservoir halfway with diluted liquid soap.
4. Reattach the reservoir to the top of the unit and slide back into base.
5. Long press the button for 1 second on the top to turn on.
6. Place hand, brush, or sponge under dispenser until you hear the motor activate and the foam soap will dispense
7. To change the foam volume, press the top button for 1 second and let go, the light will flash once for level one (0.6ml) and twice for level two (1.2ml).

How to make the foam as beautiful & plentiful as bubbles?
Just pour foam hand soap into the machine, mix it with water at the ratio of 1:3, wave and then it works!
All brands of hand wash can be filled in! Tip for regular wash liquid: it would be better to wave before using.
((When you use dispenser at first time, there is some air in the pump, you need to let the dispenser work several times continuously until liquid soap drop down)

Package Includes:
1x Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
1x 3M Double-Sided sticker
2x Anchors & Screws
1x User Manual

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