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Tropiclean Lavish Blueberry Facial Scrub, 3.8 Liter

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Tear Stain
  • Manufacturer:
  • Release:
  • Model:
    TC260 91
Product Features
  • Only natural ingredients used
  • Deep cleaning, yet gentle on skin. removes dirt and tear stains. can be used everyday.
  • Apply to dry hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse. only a small amount used each time, making the product very economical.
  • Mild yet concentrated foaming facial cleanser and scrub.
  • Refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry. fresh smell.
Product Description
This mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. This product is especially popular for white dogs such as Bichons and Poodles to help keep faces and paws dazzling white Refreshing blend of oatmeal and blueberry Effectively cleanses whilst removing dirt, beard and tear stains Gentle enough that it can be used on the face and will not sting the eyes- 'tearless' formula. Great for all skin types and all ages of pets Available in both compact 237ml (8 floz.) and in a larger 3.78Litre (gallon) size To use: Remove any excess dirt or damp from around face and mouth with a damp cloth. Wet the face and any other stained areas, apply a generous amount of the product and massage in well (for best results leave for few minutes) and rinse product out. Helpful Tip: Spa Facial Scrub is best applied onto the face dry and then rubbed in for a good few minutes. Once it's rubbed in leave for an extra couple of minutes then rinse out. This product works best with regular use and contains all natural ingredients making it the perfect choice to get rid of those stains.

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