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Foam Gun,BABAN Snow Foam Lance,Car Washing Foamaster Cleaning Gun,Professional 900ml Pressure Washer,Multifunctional Portable Foam Wash Gun Soap And Shampoo Sprayer For Car Van Motorcycle Vehicle

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Product Features
  • If you're a detailer in search of the perfect swirl-free car washing technique, then you've come to the right place. Our latest find is the BABAN Foam Gun.
  • ★ Save Your Time&Money - Avoid kinds of troubles, such as longer distance, longer waiting time, large expense and terrible washing service. ● If there is any quality problem, please feel free to contact our seller service; we will help customers to solve all the quality problems.
  • ★ Best Way to Adjust - Fully Adjustable dilution with setting dial, adjustable Spray Nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation. It would be better to keep 0.5 meter (1.6ft) away from the car after putting the detergent into the foam bottle. Adjusted to 5, it can work better and the foam is abundant.
  • ★ Multiple Use - Car, motorcycle washing, windows washing, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing.Large 900ml capacity foam cleaning gun,popular with most garden hose.Hand grip with quick connector, easy to install. Detachable design, easy to carry and storage. It can work with regular hose end. You don't need a pressure washer. Adapters for different type of hose are included in the box.
  • ★ 2 in 1 Powerful Function -We compared several guns and found that the this is the best for car washing. It creates a substantial amount of foam by forcing water through the nozzle where it mixes with the diluted car shampoo that is in the gun's reservoir. The foam is richer, thicker, and sticks to the vehicle longer than soap applied by hand because the dilution ratio of the soap is higher. support to spray foam or spray water. Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam.
Product Description
The BABAN Foam Wash Gun has the features you want and the durable construction you need. Protect your vehicle from micro-marring and wash-induced scratches with the car washing!

Material: ABS Propylene+Copper
Spray type: Sectoral /Water column
Capacity: 900ml
Bottle Size: 6.7*10.5*17cm
Minimum Water Pressure Requirements: 3.0 bars.
Recommended Water Pressure: More than 4.0 bars.

Package Included:
1*Hand grip
1*Mixing head
1*Foaming stick
1*Quick connector
2*Water sealing joint
1*Universal tap water faucet connector
1*Universal tap water faucet connector with screw thread
1*User manual

How to use the foam cleaning gun?
1.Please read the instruction manual carefully and assemble the foam gun properly.
2.Infuse right amount of washing fluid.(Capacity: 900ml.)
3.Please assemble the hose kit to the water pipe of the tap and foam gun rightly.
4.To layout diagram and adjust the rotary knob according to the ratio.
5.Open the water faucet of the tap.
6.Hold the controlling pole of foam gun with nozzle aiming at the object and spray foam.
7.Lay it for a proper time and the offload gun and wash it.
8.Remove the dirty water with rubber cleaner and then wipe it with clean rag or scrap cotton yarn.
9.You must hold the controlling pole of gun closely and control the moisture after close the tap water faucet.

1.Joint with the tap water faucet. Please confirm the connections tight carefully to avoid any leak.
2.Please discharge the hose kit from the water faucet and foam gun when you don't use it.
3.Never mix many kinds of detergents together.
4.After each use, rinse the nozzle and foaming mechanism with clean water to remove any soap residue.

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