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Justfund Heart Shape Tube Column Silicone Soap/Candle Mold Embed Soap Making Supplies Tool Dia. 1inch (Heart)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Exquisite shapes,create your colorful soap.
  • Candle Mold Outside size: 5*3.3*32cm/1.9*1.3*12.6in. inside diameter: 2.5cm/1inch, can hold 140g soap
  • This item may be used for molding hot and cold processed soaps as well as melt and pour soap bases.
  • Material: Made of Silicone, Heart shape Embed Soap Making Supplies Tools.
  • Heart shape tube soap candle Mold, eraser making mold, dessert mold, easy to clean.
Product Description

They are heavy-duty soap molds that can be used over and over again; they are tough and made to last. This 2-piece mold easily snaps together to make a tube with an open end.It is easy to snap together and soap liquid will not leak. Cut the tube soap into small adorable ones that are ideal for embedding into larger soaps and add more than a touch of romance to any soap design!
About Silicone:Heat-resistant temperature of -40 Degrees Celsius to +230 Degrees Celsius, can be re-used, innovative design, soft, varied styles, stripping easy, and easy to clean.
Advantages:Silicone is extremely stable properties, UV, ozone, extreme temperatures, and the vast majority of chemical agents can not change its character. it can be applied to microwave heating, oven baked, non-direct contact with flame cooking, cold storage and freezing. In addition, the silicone material by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety testing, direct contact with food without any problems.

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