Soap & Shampoo Lye For Soap Making

NCS Caustic Soda 1kg 99% Pure Drain Cleaning Oven Cleaning Paint Stripping

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Supplied in 1kg Tub with tamper evident lid
  • Safety Data Sheets are provided upon request
  • Used for soap making, paint stripping, drain cleaning and fir making bio diesel
  • Pearl Grade
Product Description
Caustic soda, (NaOH), soda lye or white caustic, is a white solid and highly caustic metallic base and alkali salt. It has various uses and is used in many industries, primarily as a neutraliser of acid in water treatment or in industrial cleaning. Caustic soda is also used in the manufacturing of textiles and paper, and as a cleaning agent in soaps and detergents. For many uses including brick and patio cleaning, drain cleaning, paint stripping, soap making, bio diesel production and many many more.

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